What is green building?

Green building encompasses various energy efficient options. Solar energy, nontoxic recyclable material, tightly sealed construction, up to date insulation systems and building with sustainability to name a few. A green approach can provide the elegance and the beauty every homeowner desires yet remain sensitive to the environment, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your home. Building green is the wave of our future and is here to stay.

Where will I use the bathroom during my home renovation project? 

On renovation projects that only have one bathroom on the premises, a temporary stall can be provided for the duration of your renovation project or as needed.

What can I do to avoid major delays during my renovation project?

The majority of delays come from lack of planning. Items such as kitchen cabinets, tiles, plumbing fixtures, window doors and wood flooring should be ordered in advance.

Having a realistic renovation plan, and following it from beginning to end, will minimize the chances of falling victim to major delay.

Should I level my floors when starting a renovation project in my home?

Leveling your floors can increase the cost of your project significantly. However, when considering décor, furniture placement and premature wear and tear, the extra cost upfront will prove to be worthwhile.

How can I add character to my home?

Using recycled wood on floors and walls, exposing brick walls and removing layers of paint to expose the hidden beauty of moulding, doors and railings will bring pulsating character to your home.

Can I remove a support wall to create an open concept in my living space?

The removal of support walls has become very common in home renovation. Obtaining plans and proper approvals can be a lot easier than it may seem in order to bring an open concept to your space.

Am I mentally prepared for a home renovation? 

Home renovation may change your daily  routines and does require flexibility. So, taking the extra time to plan details with your contractor will ease your worries. It is also wise to have a contingency plan for the possible temporary lo s  of water, electricity or gas ;  this will help prepare you  for your home renovation.

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